Video Game Testing Jobs – How Can You Become a Video Game Tester?

Video game testing jobs are in high demand. Before a game is released, it has to go through a variety of designing and development. Testing is an important part of that development process. Because of this, gaming companies need to hire game testers to make sure that everything works as it should. Since it is so important, testers are paid a nice salary and usually get to keep a free copy of the game.

What are the requirements for a video game testing job? Testing for games is less complicated than designing them. For that reason, most video game testing jobs don’t require a college degree or special skills or knowledge. The majority of the companies will hire you with only a high school education.

Will you need your own consoles to become a video game tester? The answer to this question will vary depending on the specific job. Many companies will give you a console if you don’t already have it available. In fact, special consoles set up for testing are sometimes necessary and must be provided. In other cases, you’ll need your own console to get a video game testing job. Either way, having at least one console will be enough to get your first job.

How much does video game testing pay? This really depends on how much you work and your experience level. The average salary for a video game testing job was $39000 per year in 2008. As with any job, you will get paid more as your experience in the field increases. On top of money, game testers are often compensated with free games and other rewards.

Many people become game testers in order to make their way into a more professional career in the gaming industry like game design or development. Game reviewing is closely related to testing. You will receive advance copies of games and be paid to review them. In fact, testers and reviewers who perform exceptionally well can get invites to E3 and other gaming conferences.

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